FAQs for Parents & Students

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FAQs for Parents / Students

What can your fraternity offer a student?

A fraternity can offer an experience of a lifetime. Lambda Chi Alpha will offer the best of these experiences. Social networking, leadership training, personal growth, family, lifetime friendships, a sense of belonging and brotherhood are just some of these. Check out “Why Lambda Chi?” to see what we’re talking about.

What type of Scholarship Program do you have to help a student with grades?

Lambda Chi Alpha offers it’s members more money than any fraternity on campus. A detailed breakdown of our three scholarships can be found here. Last year’s disbursements totaled $34,650.

What types of leadership opportunities do you offer?

We offer free leadership training by professionals to our members on many occasions. Whether it’s on a local, regional or national level, our membership has many opportunities and resources to develop themselves.

What are the grade requirements for initiation into membership?

An OSU accumulative GPA of 2.25 or higher, and a per term GPA of 2.5 or higher.

What are the other requirements for initiation into membership?

  • Completion of the “Call to Brotherhood” Associate Member Education Program
  • Completion of community service hours as set by our Philanthropy Chairman
  • Completion of a membership paddle symbolizing your desire to join.

Do you have a system of fines?

Yes. Our system includes a fair warning of a fine well before it is incurred, a justification for the fine and the allocation of it. Letters are sent out to whomever pays the board bills every time a fine is incurred.

Are there “house meetings” held at the chapter?

Yes. We have chapter meetings on Monday nights open for everybody, including perspective members. We also have meetings for recruitment, philanthropy, elections, social functions and everything else that keeps our house running.

Is the Associate Member allowed in meetings for house policy decisions?

Yes of course! It’s their house too! Our Associate Members (AM’s) are allowed to attend any and all meetings (except meetings for initiation which happen only a handful of times per year).

Are your alumni active in the chapter?

Our alumni are very active in our chapter, not just in donations. Our alumni adviser has done a great job in making this possible. Some various things our alumni do are help advise the officers of the fraternity, help put on and send members to leadership seminars, help educate the membership and give members job opportunities.

Do you have a “big brother ” program?

We have a well-structured big brother program that starts immediately upon association. Our big brothers are selected based on standards, as it’s a vital position in transitioning a new member into the fraternity. The big brother assists in Associate Member Education and sees to it that it’s completed. The big brother also passes down to the little brother the traditions of Lambda Chi Alpha.

What are the costs (all costs) involved in joining your organization?

See cost breakdown

How many members live in your chapter house?

Over 50 of our 70+ on-campus membership live in the chapter house.

What are the living arrangements?

Each room has at most 2 people living in it. A room head (room heads are decided by zeta point totals, not seniority), and a roommate. We are in the process of renovating several of our rooms so some of them are 3 man rooms.

Where would I sleep?

While some rooms are zoned for sleeping, most brothers sleep in the ‘sleeping porches’  because they are quiet and more comfortable.

Where would I study? Do you have quiet hours?

Some people study in their rooms, some people choose not to and head to campus. We have a study room where you can get away to find quiet time if need be. Some people study in the library at our study tables location, a place where we all congregate and hit the books! We designate specific quiet hours during Dead and Finals week.

What are the costs of living (Room & Board) in your chapter house?

See breakdown of costs

Do you permit hazing?

Absolutely not. We recruit men and we treat them as such. That is one reason why 3+ decades ago we abolished the “pledge” designation and all new men who join us are called Associate Members.

Do you have a difficult Associate Member program?

Nope. It’s a well-structured and meaningful experience meant to educate, not test. By having Big Brothers active in the education program it makes it pretty easy, actually.

Do you have an open kitchen (can I have a snack when I’m hungry)?

Our kitchen is open 24 hours a day, leftovers are kept so a snack is always available (even on weekends). We also have a snack rack with bagels, bread, cereal and condiments. And a pop machine.

Are meals nutritious?

Yes, our meals are well balanced and have variety. We elect a member to the position of Food Manager to ensure this.

How many meals are offered per week?

10 meals per week, 2 per weekday. Lunch starts at 11, Dinner is at 5.

What are the costs (what do they cover) of being a member but not living in the chapter house?

See cost breakdown

What is expected of an Associate Member?

Nothing that a true man should not, or could not do. For a list of expectations click here.

When can I move in?

We’re ready whenever you are. People traditionally move in two weeks before school starts. In between terms is a convenient time for our live outs to move in.

Are there regularly scheduled study hours for associates? For members?

Yes. A breakdown of required study hours is given to each member. It is scaled according to their previous term’s GPA, and overall academic standing in the house.

Is your chapter active on campus?

Yes! Associates and Members of Lambda Chi Alpha are required to participate up-campus. We are represented and active in many areas, and are hosts to:

ASOSU Vice President Candidate, Finance/Econ/Health Care club presidents, ASOSU Director of Finance, and more.

What philanthropies does your chapter support?

North American Canned Food Drive and the Benton County Food Share.

What are your chapter’s philanthropic activities to give that support?

Each year we have multiple canned food drives in which all members participate. Nationally, Lambda Chi has raised 27,000,000 lbs of food since 1993. Last year alone, our chapter provided 28,000 lbs, among the highest of all chapters in the nation.

What are some of your social activities?

We have many activities and functions that we do each year. These include functions with sororities both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and mixers with other fraternities to promote a friendly Greek system.

How much emphasis does your chapter place on intramural sports?

We train hard. We play hard. We win. We consistently get either first or second in all-university rankings for fraternities.

What type of Community Service does your chapter participate in?

Every year our house volunteers at an auction and dinner that benefits the Sundborn Children’s House. Our members traditionally serve at a local soup kitchen to feed the hungry.

What are the advantages of living in the chapter house as opposed to living out?

By living in the house you don’t miss out on anything. There is always something to do, always a memory to make and always a best friend 1 room away. Most members get to know everybody a lot better if you live in than if you live out.

How much time commitment is expected?

At the very least, only a few hours per week is required. It’s expected that you exceed the requirements and commit as much time as you can. You’ll find, however, that as time goes on you’ll start wanting to do everything you can for your house, because you become to love it. You will only get out what you put in. To make the most of your experience you need to invest time and energy, but the return on investment is priceless and will last a lifetime.