Why Lambda Chi?

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Lambda Chi Alpha is one of the largest fraternities on the Oregon State University campus and is academically, athletically, and socially oriented. Beginning in 1917, we’ve been here more than one hundred years!

New members have nearly all the same rights as initiated brothers (attending open chapter, wearing letters, voting, holding office, etc.). You will never be told to clean toilets or do ridiculous tasks. We also have a long legacy of winning Intramural Sports. No matter the sport, we typically have 2-4 teams involved.

Socially, we boast a very strong reputation on campus (please ask anyone and everyone about us!). We have weekly functions with sororities and the only second floor, elevated party room on campus. Academically, we offer many resources to help members. Scholarships (~$50,000 each year) are given to members that excel in grades and leadership. This is the most of any organization on campus!

Brotherhood is the absolute most important thing to us.

We are an extremely diverse group of guys that share common interests and enjoy spending time together. We never cut off our brothers for not making grades like some fraternities do, but instead, we work with them to help get them back on track. Come by and we’ll be happy to show you around and introduce you!

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Located at 1015 NW Monroe in Corvallis, Oregon, Lambda Chi has been in continuous operationg at Oregon State University for more than 100 years. Aside from our great winning history in key Intramurals (football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc.) and campus events, each year our incoming freshmen excel in the classroom. We’re about building men.

What Is Fraternity?

Fraternity — specifically Lambda Chi Alpha — is an experience of lifelong relationships that will provide you a storehouse of memories and opportunities. Yet, it is much, much more.

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Lambda Chi Alpha is belonging.

When you need someone to talk to, you will always find a brother who is genuinely interested and who really cares about what happens to you. You will find a brother who understands that you are only human and are seeking to improve yourself in many ways. You will find a brother who offers to help before you have a chance to ask.

Lambda Chi Alpha is brotherhood.

In a very real sense, the Fraternity creates a family relationship among its members. It aims to bring together a group of young men who will be congenial, loyal, and helpful to one another during some of the best years of their lives-the college years. Thus Lambda Chi Alpha offers its members the nearest possible equivalent to home that can be found on the college campus, and these close ties often bind men in friendships for life.

Lambda Chi Alpha is equality.

Lambda Chi Alpha was the first fraternity to abolish pledges when associate membership replaced pledging in 1972. Since that time, associate members have had full and equal rights in the chapter, including voting privileges and the ability to hold office, attend all meetings and functions, and wear the letters and regalia of the Fraternity. The Fraternity replaced pledge education with fraternity education, which dictates ongoing education for all members throughout their university years. New members are integrated immediately into the chapter. A big brother is assigned to each new member, and he teaches the essentials of chapter operations to the new member. Each week throughout the school year an educational session is held for all members. These educational sessions are either internal (history, ritualism, risk management, goal setting, recruitment skills, etc.) or external (study skills, current topics, alcoholism, resources for victims of date rape, CPR, etc.).

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Why Lambda Chi?

  • Our pledge-free Associate Members program
  • Highest graduation rate out of all fraternities on campus
  • You can move in right away or wait a few terms, whatever suits you best
  • We have a strict NO hazing policy
  • Excellence in academics, philanthropy, and athletics
  • Over $50,000 in scholarships given to members annually
  • 2002 & 2004 Alcohol Awareness award winners
  • Large network of business connections upon graduation
  • 80% of Fortune 500 CEO’s are fraternity men
  • Out of this 80%, Lambda Chi has been the most represented